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Mettie Stepanek


The Language of God
Do you know what
Language God speaks?
God speaks Every-Language.
That's because God made
Everyone and Gave
Everyone different Languages.
And God understands all of them.
And do you know what is God's
Favorite Language?
God's favorite language is
Not grown-ups's language,
But the Language of Children.
That's because children
Are special to God.
Children know how to share,
And they never lose
Their Heart-Songs.


My stuffed animals and babies
Don't like the big yellow monster.
They don't like the big yellow monster
That swallows Mattie up every morning,
And then takes him away for so many hours
And then brings him back home
And then spits him out "p-tooey,"
Right where it ate him in the first place.
Even when Mattie tells them,
"It's only a school bus, little guys,
I can handle it, don't worry!"
They still don't like it at all.
But now, there are only
Seventeen days left for that
Big yellow monster to swallow me
And chew me and spit me out "p-tooey..."
Because summer vacation is
Just around the corner
Where the school bus never comes.


On Being a Champion
A Champion is a winner,
A hero...
Someone who never gives up
Even when the going gets rough.
A champion is a member of
A winning team...
Someone who overcomes challenges
Even when it requires creative solutions.
A champion is an optimist,
A hopeful spirit...
Someone who plays the game,
Even when the game is called life.
There can be a champion in each of us,
If we live as a winner,
If we live as a member of the team,
If we live with a hopeful spirit,
For Life.


So high. . .
Wind tickles my tummy
Plays with my feet
Gives my hair a ride.
So high. . .
Grab a leaf from a tree
Reach a so-far-up branch
See over the edge of my earth.
So high. . .
Meditate on being
Touch all my thoughts
Think about friends
And families and
Brothers and sisters.
So high. . .
Leave this world for a bit
Jump into Heaven for a moment
Then, swing back into my life again.
So high. . .


Good Rain Sense
When the clouds are all
Bunched up and gray. . .
When you hear a
Split-splat begin to
Tip-tap against a
Leaf, or the ground. . .
When the thick smell
That comes before a
Storm is in the air. . .
When you feel like
Everything around
Hurries you to
Get inside quickly. . .
It's time to be like
Christopher Robin and say:
"Tut-tut! It looks like rain!"


Vultures Play
The vultures like it
In the mountains.
So they can play in
The wind tides.
When the wind tide is
Strong and heavy,
The vultures go straight
Up and let the wind
Carry them above the
Tips of the trees.
When the wind tide is
Weak and soft,
The vultures go straight
Up and peacefully, calmly,
Soar above the
Tips of the trees. . .
Always watching.


Deer Watching
Quiet, calm, peaceful,
Solemn-eyed, but alert.
These are the deer,
Prancing through the
Forest to the meadow.
Quiet, calm, peaceful,
Solemn-eyed, but alert.
These are the people
Who notice the deer,
Prancing through the
Forest to the meadow.


King of the World Orders
If I were king of the world,
We would stay in bed all day.
If I were king of the world,
We would have not baths.
If I were king of the world,
Our stuffed animals would
Bring us our food, the
Television remote-zappy,
And anything else
We need, or want!
If I were king of the world,
I would make sure
The world was fit for a kid!


When the Trees Sing
When the trees sing,
It doesn't really matter
If you know the song,
Or if you know the words,
Or even if you know the tune.
What really matters is knowing
That the trees are singing at all.


Bon Voyage, For a Little Bit
I am in the deepest of oceans...
Up to my eyes it is!
I feel the wetness going into
My ears and tickling them.
I hear splashes and gentle waves.
I smell the sweetness of water
That reminds me of home.
I see the sea, but it looks
Pretty empty and lonely,
Which is why I swam to it.
There seems to be shells,
And sharks, and gators, and a people,
And even some soap and shampoo...
Soap and shampoo... in my ocean?!?
Suddenly, I look around, and listen...
It's my mom calling to me,
"Mattie, are you finished yet?"
Sigh... and then I remember
It's just bathtime... again.


Seeds for Thought
The sword is heavy,
And piercing sharp.
Stronger than rock,
It yields a mighty blow
To the foe
With each assault.
The bow and arrow
Are light and swift.
Silent war implement,
It yields a surprise attack
To front or back,
From a distance.
And yet,
Stronger than the sword,
Swifter than the arrow,
Are words ---
Among the most powerful
Of all weapons.
Words can tear and hurt
And cause pain and strife.
Words can heal and comfort
And sow peace in life.
Heed the wisdom, and
Use words with care.


As It Was in the Beginning
When the playground is
Roaring with kids...
When the sky is
Thundering with sunshine...
When the atmosphere is
Electrified with glee...
Then is when we know
For sure that life is
It is good, indeed.


About Dunderheads
When laughing with,
Everyone has fun
Playing the fool.
When laughing at,
The teaser is a
Lone, sad
Kind of fool.


Porcelain Haiku
I am not a king.
I don't own a castle. But
I sit on a throne.


Rebecca's Reminder
It is sad
When a friend
Death becomes
When a friend
We should
How real
Death is,
And wonder
How our
Will be,
Based on
How much of
A friend we are


Have you witnessed
The early morning?
Right before the
Sun rises, and
The sky glows
Purple lava-lamp?
The clouds are
The dark,
Lumps, and
The still
Gentle earth
Is to look upon.


psalm #358
Lord, You have
Saved me from sadness,
And lifted me to light.
All my life,
I have been haunted
By the darkness,
Only my dreams gave me sight.
But my Savior
Has now turned me
Back to light,
No longer do I dwell in shadows.
Lord, You have
Saved me from sadness,
And lifted me to light.
Lord, You comfort me
In Your gentle arms,
You dry tears
Of sadness from my eyes.
My God,
I forever await You in hope,
From the ashes of Job
I arise.
Lord, You have
Saved me from sadness,
And lifted me to light.
Now I know
I have no fear,
For I am being watched
By guardians above.
The darkness
Can no longer sadden me,
For I am shrouded
In my Savior's love.
Lord, You have
Saved me from sadness,
And lifted me to light.


both sides
Every privilege
Comes with
A responsibility.
Sounds tough.
Every responsibility
Comes with
A privilege.
Sounds durable.


Future Reminiscing
It is good
To have a past
That is pleasant
To reflect upon.
Take care
To create
Such a gift
For your future.


Samantha's Song
At the North Pole today,
The little girl who
Loves holding hands
Was not there.
I learned
She is in Heaven now.
The little girl who
Loves the gift of touch
Is holding God's hand.


one day
One day,
I will write a poem
About the
Giant snowflakes.
Such a beautiful sight
My eyes beheld during
Just an any mid-morning.
Huge snowflakes,
The size of
Paper snowflakes
Little children cut out
To decorate
The winter season.
Enormous snowflakes,
Thick as pancakes,
But gently drifting
From the sky.
Magical snowflakes,
From an elsewhere space,
That transported me
To someplace
Where I traveled
Through a field of stars,
Frosting past me...
To me...
On me...
Yes, one day,
I will write a poem
About these
Amazing snowflakes,
As my Heartsong awakes.
Such a fantastic
White wonder
That led my mind
To wander,
One day.


About Wealth
The richest
Is the one
Who is
With all
The earth.







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