Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich

Support of the talented young people working in the field of arts

on the targeted charitable program

The scholars of the Charitable Foundation

Johnathan Kimelfeld (1996) is a young writer, winner of the Third and Forth Moscow Competition for Young Journalists “Step to success”; laureate of the second all-Russian student writing competition “Human rights through children's eyes”. The Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich gives Johnathan many-sided help and support.

David Volodin (1993) is a young philosopher who has been showing interest to astronomy, physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, mysteries of the Universe and religious cognition of reality since his childhood. David’s works are notable for deep scientific and philosophic content, and the writer’s ability for harmonious synthesis of scientific and meta-scientific ways of knowing.

Luka Okrostsvaridze (1991) is a young pianist and composer of rare musical talent/ He is the holder of the special prize of the V.Krainev International competition for young pianists, a holder of the gold medal of the First international competition for Young Performers; participant of the International music festival in Colmar, France; participant of the master classes by I. Berkovich, A. Pisaryev, S. Dorensky, G. Straba. Due to the help the Foundation provides, L. Okrostsvaridze has the opportunity to study at the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory and to participate in international competitions and master classes.


Feodor Amosov (a scholar in 2006-2013).

Andrey Rozendent (a scholar in 2004-2014).

Tatiana Turkulets ( a scholar in 2004-2005)



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